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Thermobank® is a patented factory assembled, air-cooled, outdoor refrigeration system with a hot gas defrost utilizing a re-evaporator. It operates automatically at all outside temperatures without head pressure controls to provide continuous energy savings. Its rapid defrost keeps coils free of frost with virtually no rise in room temperature.

All Kramer-saver systems are a carefully engineered assembly of expertly sized and balanced refrigeration components. They deliver maximum thermodynamic efficiency and long service life. Maximum energy savings are realized without head pressure controls.

Kramer split-systems are assembled, wired and tested at the factory. They are delivered complete with instrumented air-cooled condensing units and matching evaporators ready for fast field connection.

Kramer continues to support all of its products in the field with spare parts that meet or exceed original specifications. In many cases, Kramer can offer viable replacement parts for products that have been in service for 40 years.

Kramer introduced the concept of air-cooled condensing over sixty years ago. Since then, Unicon air-cooled condensers have earned a reputation for quiet, economical, trouble-free operation year round.

Kramer offers a full range of evaporators — medium silhouette, low profile, low velocity, large industrial, and the unique Curvette. They are available in various fins-per-inch, with or without coatings, with motors featuring built-in overload protection, efficient fan blade design, factory wired for rapid field installation. Air, electric or hot gas defrost.

No other refrigeration products are tested as completely as Kramer’s. Our products are operationally tested under full load prior to shipping. None of our competitors products are tested as thoroughly. We (and you) are assured equipment functions at optimum performance under the entire range of loads.