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 DocumentBulletin NumberType (Size)Date
 HTPG Condensing Unit & Evaporator Option Codes
(For when ordering products)
 Adobe Acrobat (84 kb)01/24/2004
 HTPG Pricing   
 HTPG High Air Volume
Refrigeration Coils
 Adobe Acrobat (54 kb)1/4/2011
 List Prices   
 Evaporators and “Unicon”
Air Cooled Condensers  
P-842Adobe Acrobat (216 kb)1/4/2011
 Evaporators with “KS” Kramer Saver and
“CTT” Thermobank
Hot Gas Defrost Systems
P-858AAdobe Acrobat (65 kb)1/4/2011
 1/2 – 6 HP “Kompact” Condensing UnitsP-872Adobe Acrobat (86 kb)1/4/2011
 4 – 12 HP “KS” Kramer Saver
1 – 12 HP “CTT” Thermobank
Condensing Units
P-873Adobe Acrobat (69 kb)1/4/2011
 4 – 12 HP “C” Style Condensing UnitsP-874Adobe Acrobat (40 kb)1/4/2011
 3/4 – 5 HP “KounterFlow”
Hot Gas Defrost Systems
P-877Adobe Acrobat (56 kb)1/4/2011
 3 through 40 HP
Remote Compressor Units and
Water Cooled Condensing Units
P-880Adobe Acrobat (50 kb)1/4/2011
 Apex List Prices  Adobe Acrobat (114 kb)1/4/2011