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 DocumentBulletin NumberType (Size)Date
 Terms and Conditions of Sale  Adobe Acrobat (22 kb)3/12/2003

Evaporators Air Defrost

LP LOW PROFILE EVAPORATORLP-69LAdobe Acrobat (1,220 kb)1/12/2009
 MSA MEDIUM SILHOUETTE EVAPORATORMSA-834DAdobe Acrobat (117 kb)1/12/2009
 CSA MEDIUM SILHOUETTE EVAPORATORCSA-867AAdobe Acrobat (117 kb)1/12/2009
 DSA MEDIUM SILHOUETTE EVAPORATORDSA-868BAdobe Acrobat (115 kb)1/12/2009
 CM COOLMASTER EVAPORATORCM-788FAdobe Acrobat (109 kb)11/1/1994
 CCM COOLMASTER EVAPORATORCCM-870Adobe Acrobat (113 kb)11/1/1994
 DCM COOLMASTER EVAPORATORDCM-869Adobe Acrobat (114 kb)11/1/1994
 LV LOW VELOCITY EVAPORATORLV-572MAdobe Acrobat (72 kb)1/12/2009
 HEIGHT SAVER UNITS AIR DEFROSTHSA-862BAdobe Acrobat (109 kb)9/23/2008

Evaporators Electric Defrost

MSE MEDIUM SILHOUETTE EVAPORATORMSE-833DAdobe Acrobat (116 kb)1/12/2009
 LPE LOW PROFILE EVAPORATORLPE-750KAdobe Acrobat (1,132 kb)1/12/2009
 CSE MEDIUM SILHOUETTE EVAPORATORCSE-854CAdobe Acrobat (116 kb)1/12/2009
 KED EVAPORATORKE-737JAdobe Acrobat (131 kb)11/1/1994
 CED EVAPORATORCED-851AAdobe Acrobat (133 kb)11/1/1994
 POWER TRIMKE-881Adobe Acrobat (159 kb)5/1/1995
 LVE LOW VELOCITY EVAPORATORLVE-663HAdobe Acrobat (106 kb)9/23/2008
 HEIGHT SAVER UNITS ELECTRIC DEFROSTHSE-863BAdobe Acrobat (110 kb)9/23/2008

Evaporators Hot Gas Defrost

LPG-812GAdobe Acrobat (1,168 kb)1/12/2009
 MSG MEDIUM SILHOUETTE EVAPORATORMSG-830EAdobe Acrobat (120 kb)1/12/2009
 CSG MEDIUM SILHOUETTE EVAPORATORCSG-855CAdobe Acrobat (120 kb)1/12/2009
 TV EVAPORATORTV-789FAdobe Acrobat (180 kb)11/1/1994
 CTV EVAPORATORCTV-853AAdobe Acrobat (180 kb)11/1/1994
 LVG LOW VELOCITY EVAPORATORLVG-841DAdobe Acrobat (104 kb)9/23/2008

Split Refrigeration Systems

3/4 – 3HP THERMOBANK CONDENSING UNITS No longer available. Please use KounterFlow Hot Gas Defrost Systems Price Sheet P-877.C-844Adobe Acrobat (1,773 kb)6/30/2006
 KounterFlow Rapid Defrost Refrigeration System 3/4-6HPKF-883BAdobe Acrobat (405 kb) 
 KRAMER SAVERCU-882Adobe Acrobat (436 kb)2/1/1997
 THERMOBANKC-806CAdobe Acrobat (743 kb)2/1/1997

Condensing Units

K-871E Rev 4Adobe Acrobat (241 kb)1/1/2006
 KRAMER MODEL KRKR-878CAdobe Acrobat (144 kb)5/1/2003
 KRAMER MODEL KWKW-877DAdobe Acrobat (183 kb)1/1/2006

Unicon-Air Cooled Condensers

KCC/KEC AIR COOLED CONDENSERSU-859BAdobe Acrobat (319 kb)2/1/1995

Special Products

RIPENING ROOM PRODUCT COOLERPCU-845AAdobe Acrobat (216 kb)1/1/1993